Welcome to the Grief and Life Transitions website. We are a group of seasoned professionals who share a common interest and expertise in issues of loss, grief, trauma and healing. We believe deeply in each person's innate wisdom and ability to grow through the crises and transitions of a lifetime. Our mission is then one of empowering people to find their own answers to life's challenges. Our practitioners offer compassionate, nonjudgmental listening as well as tools for moving toward healing.


Loss and/or trauma often trigger a host of troublesome and sometimes debilitating symptoms such as depression, sadness, anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness, fear, confusion, numbness, loneliness, guilt and anger. Additionally, one may experience frequent crying, appetite change, sleep disturbances, social withdrawal, confusion, and an inability to concentrate.


Grief support and life transition counseling can be beneficial to those who have experienced (1) losses such as the death of a loved one, job loss, abortion or miscarriage, separation, divorce or loss of one's health, or (2) traumas such as an auto accident, rape, assault, childhood abuse, neglect or war. Additionally, we can assist clients with spiritually related issues, women's issues, depression and anxiety, stress, relationship problems, school or work related harassment and blended family issues.


We are all very client-centered in orientation but offer an eclectic blend of therapeutic approaches including: cognitive/behavioral, family of origin work, guided imagery and visualization, meditation, holistic and spiritual.


We offer individual counseling for adults, adolescents and children, couples, and family counseling. We are available to provide loss and grief education and consultation to other professionals and organizations. As affiliates of the Western Washington Bereavement Network, we maintain connections and make referrals to grief support counselors and groups throughout the Washington area. We also make referrals to trauma specialists who utilize EMDR and Lifespan Integration techniques to address problems associated with trauma.


There are times in each person's life when one needs someone to listen, interpret, reflect and help navigate life's difficult passages. We at Grief and Life Transitions Counseling offer compassion, caring, skill and dedication to those seeking professional support.