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Jinny Tesik, MA, C.C.
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Jinny Tesik

Hi. I’m Jinny, a grief counselor. I entered, what was to become my life’s work, through the newly opening doors of hospice in the Seattle area in 1981.


Little was known at that time of the intense on-going experience of grief.  I was privileged to be involved in the groundwork of establishing local bereavement support programs and grief support groups. 


I founded Grief & Life Transitions Counseling and am co-founder of the Western Washington Bereavement Network.  Our bereavement community has expanded to become a large network of well-trained counselors in the field of death and dying and grief support counseling. I have continued to be a part of this network for over 23 years. 


I hold a Master’s degree from University of Washington with continued education at Antioch UniversityI ultimately became an adjunct faculty member and taught Grief Counseling courses for more than a decade.  I was Nationally Certified as a grief counselor by the Association for Death Education and Counseling in the early 1990’s when that credential became availableI was the Bereavement Specialist for two hospitals, and worked with survivors of suicide through the Crisis Clinic.


Grief counselors are not exempt from our own loss experiences.  Perhaps this is what drew me to this work.  Three major deaths occurred transforming my life in many ways.  My mother died when I was 10: my only sibling, my brother, was killed in Viet Nam when I was 23.  Years later my 39 year-old husband, after years of severe depression, took his life.  At the time of those losses grief support was not available.  I am grateful now to be in a position to offer support to others during incredibly difficult life experiences, using my training and the wisdom life and experience have given me.


I specialize in working with people who have experienced the sudden death of their loved ones as in suicide, accidents, homicide or sudden natural illnesses. I have worked with hospice for over 15 years and I support the patients who are experiencing chronic or catastrophic illnesses, and their family members.  I have worked with many families whose loved ones have chosen a hastened death.  I also counsel anyone who is experiencing unexpected or unsettling change or transition in his/her life.


With an understanding of grief from both a personal and professional perspective, I am able to support my clients as we work together to clarify and resolve their grief. My work is supportive, compassionate, educational, spiritual and gently guiding.


We have very little power over the major events in life that befall us.  Truly, the one thing we can learn to control is how to make it through these difficult times and develop the attitudes and philosophies that empower us to survive in a healthy way.


I am awed by the resilience of the human spirit to survive and grow through some of the most devastating experiences life can offer.  It is an honor to be witness and support to another’s growth in the midst of chaos.


I prefer not to work with insurance companies so I keep my hourly session fees low and am willing to negotiate payment when needed by the client. I can be reached by phone at 206-362-9094 or by email at: j.tesik@comcast.net

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